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With a sound that blends the nuanced composition of pop and singer-songwriter music with the power and dynamics of hard rock, Raviner is a band declaring their own direction and writing their own rules. Based out of Nashville, the band has constructed a sound that aims to catch the listener off guard, seamlessly shifting from powerful intensity to quiet, careful stillness, and back again.

In the last two years, the band has quickly risen from a local Nashville presence, to a regional touring powerhouse, performing alongside names such as Pop Evil, DED, Set It Off, Eyes Set To Kill, The Nearly Deads, The Scars Heal In Time, FLAW, and many more. 

The group unveiled their sound in 2014 as KAMBER, but it wasn't until 2016 that the group solidified their lineup and the quartet Raviner was born. Raviner released their debut EP, '[DISCONNECTED]', in Fall 2016, followed up shortly afterwards with a three-part self-produced audiovisual film to accompany the record.

The group released their self-produced follow-up EP, 'Beast', in June 2017, which marks a creative departure from the debut EP. Borrowing from the aggressive down-tuned guitars and intricate drumming of metalcore, as well as the layered synth ambience of dark pop, 'Beast' takes listeners even further into the unique world that Raviner is creating. In addition to shaking up the scene locally in Nashville and creating buzz online through social media, the band is promoting their new release through consistent regional touring.


Flyleaf // Chevelle // I See Stars


Raviner has been touring regionally since late 2016. Our markets currently include MO, IL, IN, OH, TN, NC, WV, and GA.

Raviner owns a van and industry-standard gear. Booking is handled by Kamber Kigin and Austin Huelsbeck through






One of the most impressive characteristics of the band is their obvious possession of business “know-how”. Quality music videos, stunning promo images, and a unique and exciting website help to compliment the band’s clear identity.
— Jared Rigsby, Nashville Unsigned
[Raviner] placed a lot of care and hard work into the project by utilizing their creative backgrounds to create a specific world for Raviner to thrive in...
— Rasha Shaker, Big City Thoughts
[The Disconnected audiovisual] is masterfully done with beautiful imagery, music that brings intensity and power to the story, all while being non-verbal.
— Joseph Clay, Live Laugh Love Nashville
a surefire favorite for fans of Versa and other like-minded acts
— Kyle Florence, Under The Gun Review


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